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I can not start Armagetron Advanced.

I have no GLIBCXX.

Try running the AppRun script from the main directory, two levels up. It usually takes care of making the libraries we need loadable.

Though libstdc++ is not included, it’s a system level library. If AppRun does not work: What Linux version are you using, precisely? Maybe our build system is not compatible with it and needs an upgrade.

AppRun also not work.

I use MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit with Kernel 5.3.

Ah. Sorry. Jessie is not supported by our binary builds, they are all based on Ubuntu 16.04 which has slightly higher versions of all libraries. All our binaries are the same, you don’t have to bother with AppImage or ZeroInstall.

For the binary distributions that would work with Jessie, presumably (Flatpak and Steam, they bring their own libraries), we don’t do 32 bit builds.

Debian Stretch should work; at least, we have automated tests that ensure there are no fatal library incompatibilities like you encountered. You should upgrade anyway if you can, considering Jessie is out of security update support already. So that would be my recommendation.

The only other option would be to build from source. Here would be the docs for that:

I think a life without the game Armagetron Advanced is possible. ;-)

Yeah, probably :)

Can I just say I am extremely happy that I was able to sneakernet the latest version over to my Windows 98 machine and not only did the game run flawlessly but it even still supported LAN multiplayer?

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Oh! I’m suprised it still runs on Windows 98, that’s a platform that definitely fell out of the things we test with.

I'd be more surprised if you did still test against that old of a platform. :v

Will there be an OUYA port with game pad controller input support on Android 4.1 with OpenGL ES 2.0?

Sorry for the very late answer and sorry it has to be “no, very very probably not”. Porting to GLES would be one thing, but then also supporting a very outdated Android version just isn’t feasible.